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BIM (Building Information Modelling)

BIM is a process that provides efficient and effective means for a project to be designed, constructed and maintained. It provides opportunity to rehearse the design of a project in a virtual environment in order to check for its functionality and services coordination. BIM allows the client and the design team to gain a 3D vision and understand the proposed design in virtual reality so they can confidently work towards improving the design before actual construction.

BIM process has been gaining acceptance worldwide and is still relatively new in Malaysia.

T&T Konsult has the capability to implement BIM for Building and Infrastructure projects.  Shown above is a BIM model completed to LOD 300 for a proposed shopping mall in Setia Alam, where T&T completed this 3D model with primary and secondary structural elements together with all underground services and foundation.

T&T is currently implementing BIM for several road projects to LOD 300, and the model will be continuously updated during construction to LOD 500. This will provide the Client at the project completion with a comprehensive as-built model for their asset management.

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