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ISO 14001 : 2015 






T&T Konsult Sdn Bhd strives to become the engineering consultant of choice. Our policy is to design and supervise work of the appointed contractor in accordance with sound environmental, health and safety principles and standards.

As a team, we shall always seek to minimize risk so that no harm occurs to people and the environment from our daily activities.


We are committed to:


Take care and protect the people and the environment in particular to:

  • Incorporate environmental protection measures in our design and development and supervise the execution during construction activities;

  • Influence the contractor so as to prevent water, air, noise and land pollution from the project activities;

  • conserve natural resources through 3R programs i.e. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle and encourage contractor to do the same;

  • supervise the control and management of scheduled and general wastes from the operations; and

  • Promote occupational health and safety awareness on the basis that injuries, ill-health and accident are preventable.

Tighten the adherence to compliance obligations that are relevant to our nature of operations;


Keep employees and other parties working on our behalf informed pertaining to their individual obligation towards environmental, health and safety protection.


We are committed to enhance the environmental, health and safety performance through continual improvement in our integrated management systems.

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